COUSENS, Henry. Paisley, Renfrewshire 13.9.1854 — Tunbridge Wells, Kent 5.11.1934. British (Scottish) Archaeologist in India. Son of Henry C., a Photozincographer, and Margaret Fitzmaurice. From 1881 Assistant of Cunningham in the A.S.I., from 1886 in charge of Western India (succeeding Burgess) and in the reorganization of A.S.I. after Burgess’ retirement 1891 Superintendent of Western India. Retired in 1910. During many years, from the beginning until c. 1900, his time was spent in cataloguing and surveying, during the last decade of his office he carried excavations (at Brahmanabad and Mirpur Khas in Sind) and restauration works (in Ahmedabad, Champanir, Bijapur, etc.). He was a noted photographer. Married Manon Bryce Morrison (1859–1945), two daughters, two sons.

Publications: With J. Burgess: The Antiquities of the Town Dabhoi in Gujarat. 13 p. 22 pl. Edinburgh 1888; Revised Lists of Antiquarian Remains in the Bombay Presidency and the Native States of Baroda. 4+398 p. Bombay 1897.

Bijapur, the old capital of the Adil Shahi kings: A Guide to Its Ruins. 5+143 p. Poona 1889; Notes on the Buildings and other Antiquarian remains at Bijapur. 106 p. Bombay 1890; Bījāpūr and its Architectural Remains. 132 p. 118 pl. A.S.I., New Imp. Ser. 37. Delhi 1916.

List of Antiquarian Remains in the Central Provinces and Berār. 4+105 p. A.S.I., N.S. 19. Calcutta 1897; List of Antiquarian Remains in H. H. the Nizam’s Territories. 5+91 p. A.S.I., N.I.S. 31. Calcutta 1900.

– With J. Burgess, The Architectural Antiquities of Northern Gujarat. 10+118 p. 111 pl. A.S.I., N.I.S. 32. L. 1903.

Portfolio of Illustrations of Sind Tiles. 4 p. 50 pl. 1906.

– The Architectural Antiquities of Western India. 11+86. 57 ill. L. 1926.

The Chālukyan Architecture of the Kanarese Districts. 158 p. 160 pl. A.S.I., N.I.S. 42. Calcutta 1926; Medieval Temples of the Dakhan. 85 p. 115 pl. A.S.I., N.I.S. 48. Calcutta 1931.

The Antiquities of Sind, with historical outline. 184 p. 102 pl. Calcutta 1929; Somanātha and other Medieval Temples in Kāṭhiāwād. 92 p. 116 pl. A.S.I., N.I.S. 45. Calcutta 1931.

Archaeological reports and articles.

Sources: J. Marshall, JRAS 1934, 644; not in Who Was Who; family in; Wikipedia.

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