COUSINS, James Henry Sproull

COUSINS, James Henry Sproull. Belfast 22.7.1873 — Madanapullee 20.2.1956. Irish author (poet and dramatist), critic and teacher. Born in a family of Huguenot origin. Worked as a clerk, in 1897 moved to Dublin, where he befriended with Joyce, Russell and Yeats. A Theosophist from 1908, he moved in 1915 to Madras and spent the rest of his life in India, becoming familiar with Aurobindo, R. Tagore, Rukmini Devi and Gandhi. In late years converted to Hinduism. Married with Margaret Elizabeth Gillespie (1878–1954), a suffragist and educationalist.

Publications: wrote much, also under noms-de-plume Mac Oisín and Jayaram.

with S. Kramrisch & R. V. Poduval: Arts and Crafts of Travancore. 1948, rev. & enl. ed. The Arts and Crafts of Kerala. 227 p. 116 pl. Cochin 1970.

Sources: Boylan, A Dictionary of Irish Biography. Dublin 1978; short note in IAC 19, 1956; *The Indian Year Book and Who’s Who 1941-42; Wikipedia (also his wife, with further references).


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