COUTO, Diogo do

COUTO, Diogo do. Lisbon 1542 — Goa 10.12.1616. Portuguese Historian of Colonial India. Son of Gaspardo C. and Isabel Serrão del Castro. Educated by Jesuits, then 1559-69 and, after brief visit to Portugal again from 1571 in military service in India and the East, remaining the rest of his life in India. There in 1595-1616 state historian of Portuguese India.

Publications: Continuation to the Decadas da Asia of —> J. Barros, covering the years 1539-1616, partly published after his death, 1602-73 (Decadas 4-12, however, decadas 9 & 11 were lost, apparently stolen, and decada 10 only publ. much later, in 1778).

The History of Ceylon, from the Earliest Times to 1600 A.D., as related by João de Barros and Diogo de Couto. Translated and edited by D. Ferguson. 445 p. JRAS-CB 20:60, 1908.

O soldato prático, written 1611, publ. in 1790, new ed. by M. Rodrigues Lapa. Lisbon 1937.

Sources: Grande Enc. Port. e Bras. 7; Wikipedia with portrait.

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