ELLIOTT, John Bardoe

ELLIOTT, John Bardoe. Ripon, Yorkshire 14.9.1785 — Patna 26.8.1863. British Civil Servant in India. Son of John E., a naval officer (he had served under Cook), and Isabella Todd. More than 50 years in India, where he arrived in 1800. Long time in Patna (apparently as early as 1813, judge 1822/28, resident there 1845 as retired). Married, one son. He collected manuscripts, coins, swords and gem-stone seals and donated them to Oxford University in 1859.

Publications: “Note on an Inscription found near the Kesariah Mound, in Tirhút”, JASB 4, 1835, 286 (Buddhist).

Sources: Stray notes in Internet; Wikipedia briefly; wikitree.com.

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