ENRIQUEZ, Colin Metcalfe

ENRIQUEZ, Colin Metcalfe. Faizabad, U.P., India 3.10.1884 — Mogok, Burma 29.5.1969. British Colonial Officer. Son of Colonel Albert Dallas E. and Florence Adela Metcalfe, born in India where his father was serving. Educated in England, at King’s College and Royal Military Academy. In 1903 joined Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment in Peshawar as Lieutenant, 1905 transferred to Multan. During one year’s leave travelled around the world and then joined Military Police in Burma in 1913 and soon learned Burmese. In 1926 posted in Malaya. In 1928 retired and remained in Burma, living with his wife in Mogok in Upper Burma. Because of Japanese invasion in 1942 escaped to Delhi, then re-enlisted in the army and became Assistant Commander of Mandalay Military Police. Finally Major. After the war returned to his Burmese home. Married Ma Tin, a daughter and an adopted son.

Publications: The Pathan Borderland. 1910, 2nd ed. 194 p. Calcutta 1921.

The Realm of the Gods: A Tale of Travel in Kangra, Mandi, Kulu, Chamba, Kishtwar, Kashmir, Ladakh and Baltistan. 223 p. 1915.

Khyberie, The Story of a Pony on the Indian Frontier. L. 1934, and other novels.

Ceylon past and present. 255 p. L. 1927.

Many books and articles on Burma, sometimes under the nom-de-plume ‘Theophilus’, also on Malaya and Indonesia.

Sources:Publisher’s Note” in an abridged edition of his A Burmese Loneliness (unfortunately the Internet preview does not show the title page); H. Leach, Strolling About on the Roof of the World: The First Hundred Years of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs (Formerly Royal Central Asian Society. L. 2003, 136f. with photo; https://cmetest.wordpress.com/about/ with several photos.

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