ESSIGMANN, Alois. Vienna 4.5.1878 — Vienna 3.3.1937. Austrian Author. Son of Adolf E. In 1897 joined the army, but finally had to resign because of hearing defect in 1908. In 1912-17 worked in Austro-Hungarian consulate in Berlin. Then worked as free journalist and author. Married Ida Therese Gesekus, one son.

Publications: Sagen und Märchen Altindiens. 1–2. 232+200 p. B. 1915–18; Sawitri, eine altindische Legende. 49 p. Berlin-Charlottenburg n.d. (rather soon after 1915, illustrated by Bernhard Klein); Blüten aus Indien. Dichtung. 89 p. B. 1919; a couple of other works.

Sources: German Wikipedia (quoting Ö.B.L. 1, 1957, 268f.).

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