ETHERINGTON, William Duke. Gosport, Hampshire 1838 — Torquay, Devonshire 5.6.1907. Rev. British Baptist Missionary in Benares, 1860-84. Possibly returned earlier as Alumni Cantabrigienses claims that he matriculated in 1877 and passed B.A. 1881 and M.A. 1884 (they confirm that he was Baptist missionary in India). Retired and worked as Baptist minister and school master in Devonshire. Married 1874 Ellen Symonds, three sons and one daughter. Perhaps he retired in 1874.

Publications: The Student’s Grammar of the Hindi Language. 11+220 p. Benares & London 1870, another ed. B. & L. 1873; Bhāshā-Bhāskar, a Grammar of the Hindī Language. 202 p. Benares 1873.

Sources:; photo in Annual Report of the Baptist Miss. Soc. 116, L. 1908, 15 briefly noting his death.

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