FAULKNER, Alexander

FAULKNER, Alexander. 18?? — 1881?. British Civil Servant in India. He joined Bombay Civil Service in 1839 and made his career in Customs, Salt, and Opium Department, served in various positions there (1856 he was Assistant Commissioner) at least until 1874. The death of A.F., member of R.A.S., was announced in Proceedings of 1882. Ancestry.com knows that A.F. married widow Louisa Duffin 1863 in Bombay.

Publications: The Orientalist’s Grammatical Vade Mecum, being an easy Introduction to the Rules and Prin­ciples of the Hindustani, Persian, and Gujarati Languages. 40+40+32 p. Bombay 1853.

A Dictionary of Commercial Terms, With Their Synonymes in Various Languages. 5+172 p. Bombay 1856.

– An epitome of the Customs Laws of the Bombay Presidency. 4+35 p. Bombay 1856.

Sources: Bombay Civil List. 1877, 62.

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