FANTIN-DESODOARDS (F. des Odoards), Antoine-Étienne Nicolas. Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin (Isère) 26.12.1738 — Paris 25.9.1820. French Former Clergyman, Historical Author and Revolutionary. Entered ecclesiastic career in 1750. Joined S.J., ordained priest, after the suppression of Jesuits spent some time as a refugee in Tuscany. Back in 1773 he became prior in Betteville (Normandy), then canon in Paris and vicar under Archbishop of Embrun, until 1789. He had independent mind and did not fare well with his superiors. In 1789 moved to Paris and joined the revolutionary movement. Later on left church and decided to become the historian of French Revolution. Despite the claims in titles he hardly could have had the ability to translate anything from Urdū or Tamil, but he had studied material available in French.

Publications: Révolutions de l’Inde pendant le dix-huitième siècle ou Mémoires de Typoo-Zaeb, sultan du Maissour, écrits par lui-même et traduits de la langue indostane. 1-2. 16+382+358 p. P. 1796.

Heyder, Azeima, Typoo-zaeb. Histoire orientale traduite de la langue malabare. 1-3. P. XI [1802, from Tamil].

Several works on French history, 1788ff.

Sources: J.-L- Chappoy in Ph. Bourdin (ed.), La Révolution, 1789-1871: écriture d’une histoire immédiate. 2008; French Wikipédia.

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