CROSBY, Josiah

CROSBY, Josiah. Falmouth ?.5.1880 — 1958. Sir. British Diplomat interested in South-East Asian History. Studies at Cambridge (B.A. 1902, M.A. 1928). Came to Thailand as young cadet in 1904, spent many years there. Vice-Consul in Thailand, 1917-19 Consul in Saigon, 1919-20 Consul-General in Bangkok and 1920 in Saigon, then in Batavia. In 1931-34 Minister in Panama and 1934-41 in Bangkok. Taken prisoner by the Japanese, eventually sent home. C.I.E. 1919. Unmarried.

Publications: “Buddhism in Ceylon”, JRAS 1947, 41-52, 166-183.

books and articles on Thailand.

Sources: The Straits Times 5.4.1934, p. 11 (Singapore National Library in internet).


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