CUMMINGS, John. 29.12.1868 — 9.3.1958 (when 89). Sir. British (Scots) Civil Servant in India and Historian of Modern India. Son of Dr. James Simpson C., educated at High School and University of Glasgow and at Balliol College in Oxford, where Boden Scholar of Sanskrit and M.A. In 1887 he joined the I.C.S. In 1909 secretary and in 1913 chief secretary to the Bengal Government, later member of the Executive Council of Bengal. In 1920 retired on account of ill-health. In 1926-46 Vice-Chairman of S.O.A.S. in London. K.C.I.E. 1920. Apparently unmarried.

Publications: Murray’s Handbook for India. 1924; Modern India. L. 1931; Political India. 1932; Revealing India’s Past. 1939.

Sources: short obituary, JRAS 1958, 108.


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