CUMMINGS, Thomas Fulton

CUMMINGS, Thomas Fulton. 1863 — 19??. British or U.S. Missionary in the Pañjab. As his works were often printed at Presbyterian Mission Press, he probably belonged to this mission.

Publications: An Urdu manual by the phonetic inductive method. 156 p. Gujranwala 1909; An Urdu manual of the phonetic inductive or direct method based on the Gospel of John. 57+56+33 p. Calcutta 1916; 3rd ed. Gujranwala 1926.

How to learn a language: an exposition of the phonetic inductive method. 100 p. N.Y. 1916.

with T. Grahame Bailey: Pañjabi Manual and Grammar: a guide to the colloquial Pañjabi. 24+279+ 127 p. 1912, 2nd ed. Calcutta 1925.

Sources: N.U.C.; not in Who Was Who, Who Was Who in America; Br. Biogr. Arch. 2nd series.


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