FULLER, Abraham Richard

FULLER, Abraham Richard. Kanpur 12.11.1828 — Rawalpindi 20.8.1867. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Abraham F. (d. 1831), also colonial officer in India, and Anna Amelia Kellner. From 1849 Lieutenant in Bengal Army. Finally Major of Royal Artillery. In 1860-67 Director of the Department of Public Instruction in the Punjab. Married Catherine Agnes Armstrong, two sons. Drowned in crossing the Bungreal river.

Publications: “Translations from the Tárikh i Fírúz Sháhí”, JASB 38:1, 1869, 181-220 & 39:1, 1870, 1-51; An Account of Jerusalem, translated for the late Sir H. M. Elliot from the Persian text of Náṣir Ibn Khusrú’s Safarnámah. 23 p. L. 1872.

Muntakhabāt i Urdū. 126 p. 1869.

The Shah Jahan Nama of ‘Inayat Khan: An Abridged History of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, Compiled by His Royal Librarian: the Nineteenth-century Manuscript Translation of A. R. Fuller (British Library, Add. 30,777). 624 p. O.U.P. 1990.

Sources: findagrave.com.

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