CYBORAN, Leon. Cracow 30.8.1928 — Warsaw 8.6.1977. Polish Indologist. Professor in Lublin. Born in Cracow, moved in 1946 to Wrocław. Studied philosophy at Wrocław in 1948-52. In the age of 26 lived at a monastery, but never gave vows. He had early become interested in Yoga, and studied then Indology under Słuszkiewicz at Warsaw in 1958-63. In 1965-67 taught Sanskrit at Warsaw and in 1967 visited India. 1970 diss., 1971 Ph.D. Warsaw. In 1971-73 taught Indian philosophy at Warsaw Uni­ver­sity, from 1973 Professor at Catholic University in Lublin. Taught there, too, Indian philosophy. Died in a car accident. His research was mainly concentrated on the Yogasūtra of Patañjali and Vyāsa’s commentary, which he was translating into Polish at the time of his death.

Publications: Diss. (in Polish) Puruṣa as subject-being in Yogasūtra. An Attempt of a New Interpretation of Yoga System. Manuscript 1970, revised version publ. as Filozofia jogi – próba nowej interpretacji. 89 p. Warsaw 1973.

– “Yoga Philosophy and Practice”, Stud. Filozoficzne 1976, 85-100 (in Polish); “Philosophical Sanskrit”, IT 3-4, 1975-76, 165-168; a few further articles.

Klasyczna joga indyjska. 56+439 p. Warszawa 1986 (Polish transl. of the Yogasūtra and Yogabhāṣya, reprint of three articles from 1973-76, glossary).

Sources: Th. Ruciński, Sanskrit and World Culture. Schriften zur … alten Orients 18. B. 1986, 263-266; *Polish Wikipedia with further references; bibliography kindly sent by Maciej St. Zięba.

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