CYBIKOV, Gombožab Cebekovič

CYBIKOV, Gombožab Cebekovič. Urdo-Aga, Transbaikal 20.4.1873 — Aginskoe, Burjatia 20.9.1930. Russian Buryat Scholar of Buddhism. From Urdo-Aga. Studies at Tomsk and St.Petersburg universities. Travelled in Mongolia and Tibet in 1899-1902 and visited Lhasa in 1901 – with camera. From 1902 Professor at Oriental Institute in Vladivostok. Participated in the government of the Far Eastern Republic, then lived as a farmer in Burjatia.

Publications: Posobie k izučeniju tibetskogo jazyka. Vladivostok 1908.

description of his travels in Tibet published in 1919, repr. 1981, also in English and French.

Sources: Bongard-Levin & Vigasin 147; Snelling 1993, 51 & 74ff.; *Rossijskie mongolovedy (XVIII–načalo XX vv.). Ulan-Udè 1997, 105-110; *M. Tolmacheva, Lit. of Travel and Explor. 2003, 1199-1201; Wikipedia as Gombojab Tsybikov with photo (more details in the Russian version).


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