CUTTS, Elmer H.

CUTTS, Elmer Henry. Silver Cliff, Color. 15.3.1908 — Boston, Mass. 4.4.1960. U.S. Historian of Colonial India. Son of Elmer Henry C. (1866–1917) and Alice Florence Tyler, twin brother of Earl Warren Cutts. Educated at University of Washington (B.A. 1929, M.A. 1932) in Seattle and under Lanman (?) at Harvard, where Ph.D. 1940. In Seattle Associate for Oriental Studies in 1931-35 and 1936-38, then Instructor of History at School of Liberal Arts in Cambridge Mass. In 1943-45 he served in the U.S. Army. In 1941-46 Assistant Professor, 1946-47 Associate Professor, and from 1947 Professor of History and Government at North­eastern University in Boston. Also chairman of Department. As Fulbright Scholar in India in 1958 he founded and organized the History Department at Waltair University. In his research he mostly concentrated on the history of British period. Married in 1933 Amelia Eugenia Simaton, one daughter.

Publications: Diss. British Educational Policies in India under the East India Company. Manuscript of 5+419 p. 1940.

 “A Basic Bibliography for Indic Studies”, Indian Studies in America. Washington DC 1939; World Civilization Before Christ. Boston 1951; Introduction to the Rise of Modern Democracy. 1955.

Articles, also on early history, e.g. “Chinese-lndian Contacts Prior to the Latter Half of the First Century”, IHQ 14, 1938, 468-502.

Sources: J.W. Spellman, JRAS 1960, 202-204; Dir. of Am. Sch. 1st ed. 1942, 2nd ed. 1951, 3rd ed. 1957; Who Was Who in Am. 4.

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