GALLETTI DI CADILHAC, Arthur Mario Collier

GALLETTI DI CADILHAC, Arthur Mario Collier. London 1877 — 1967. British (with Italian background) Civil Servant in India. Son of Count Arturo G. di C. and Margaret Isabella Collier. Educated at Cheltenham College, studies at Oxford. Worked 30 years in Madras Presidency. Married 1906 Clara Salvadori-Paleotti, one daughter and one son.

Publications: Galletti’s Telugu Dictionary, or, A Dictionary of Current Telugu. Introd. by R. Galletti. 17+434 p. plates. L. 1935 (transcription only).

Sources: Stray notes in Internet, e.g. in Claudia Capanzoni, Anglo-Italian Literary Identity in the Writings of Margaret Collier, Giacinta Galletti and Joyce Salvadori. Diss. Hull 2006 (

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