DAALEN, Leendert Antonius van

DAALEN, Leendert Antonius van. 30.4.1939 — 1.10.1993. Dutch Indologist. Studied Classical Philology at Utrecht (M.A. 1966), then Indology (M.A. 1970) under Gonda. Ph.D. 1980 with a thesis, which called much international discussion, though mostly deemed unsuccesful. Lektor (?) of Sanskrit at Utrecht, moved after the closing of the Department there to Leiden in 1992. After a four months’ illness he died in the cancer after having used his last days in the attempt to finish his book on the Gauḍavaha.

Publications: diss. Vālmīki’s Sanskrit. 19+315 p. Or. Rheno-Tr. 25. Ld. 1980.

articles on Rāmāyaṇa tradition, e.g. ZDMG Suppl. 2, 1974, 313-320; IT 7, 1979, 171-180; ALB 50, 1986, 402-417; WZKS 33, 1989, 25-43; and a few on the Gauḍavaha.

Sources: Personal knowledge (met several times between 1986-91); Bodewitz, IIJ 37, 1994, 93f.


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