DALTON, Edward Tuite

DALTON, Edward Tuite (or Tuite-Dalton). England? 1815 — 30.12.1880. British Colonial Officer and Ethnologist in India. Son of music composer Edward Tuite D. (of Irish origin, d. 1821) and Olivia Stevenson. Educated in Harrow. “Entered the Army, 1835; in expeditions against frontier tribes of Assam 1839-40, and 1842, commanded an expedition and captured the Mishmi chief, who had murdered the French missionaries Kirk and Bourry on the Tibetan frontier. Commissioner of Chota Nagpur in 1858; with the Field Force against the Palamau rebels, and in 1858-59 against Singbhum insurgents.” C.S.I. 1869. Major-General, 1877. Retired in 1875. Unmarried.

Publications: The Descriptive Ethnology in Bengal. 327 p. Calcutta 1872, German transl. by O. Flex in Z. f. Ethnol. 5-6, 1873-74.

13 articles in JASB 14-43:1, on ethnology, travels, archaeology and languages, e.g. “Notes on Assam Temple Ruins”, JASB 24, 1855, 1-24, 10 pl.– Munda vocabularies appended to G. Campbell’s The Ethnology of India. JASB 35:2 Suppl. Calcutta 1866.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; briefly in JRAS 13, 1881, Proc. vii; www.swansea.ac.uk/visualanthropology/projects/003_Dalton; family background, etc. and picture in http://www.daltondatabank.org/Chronicles/Tuite-Dalton1.htm.

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