DALTON, Edward Tuite

DALTON, Edward Tuite (or Tuite-Dalton). England? 1815 — Cannes 30.12.1880. British Colonial Officer and Ethnologist in India. Son of music composer Edward Tuite D. (of Irish origin, d. 1821) and Olivia Stevenson. Educated at Harrow. “Entered the Army, 1835; in expeditions against frontier tribes of Assam 1839-40, and 1842, commanded an expedition and captured the Mishmi chief, who had murdered the French missionaries Kirk and Bourry on the Tibetan frontier. Commissioner of Chota Nagpur in 1858; with the Field Force against the Palamau rebels, and in 1858-59 against Singbhum insurgents.” C.S.I. 1869. Major-General, 1877. Retired in 1875. Unmarried.

Publications: The Descriptive Ethnology in Bengal. 327 p. Calcutta 1872, German transl. by O. Flex in Z. f. Ethnol. 5-6, 1873-74.

13 articles in JASB 14-43:1, on ethnology, travels, archaeology and languages, e.g. “Notes on Assam Temple Ruins”, JASB 24, 1855, 1-24, 10 pl.– Munda vocabularies appended to G. Campbell’s The Ethnology of India. JASB 35:2 Suppl. Calcutta 1866.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; briefly in JRAS 13, 1881, Proc. vii; www.swansea.ac.uk/visualanthropology/projects/003_Dalton; family background, etc. and picture in http://www.daltondatabank.org/Chronicles/Tuite-Dalton1.htm.

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