DALGLEISH, Andrew. 1853 — near Karakorum 6.4.1888. British (Scottish) Tradesman, Traveller, Spy and Geographer of Central Asia. “For years [from 1873] he journeyed for commercial purposes between Kashmir and Yarkand, joined the Central Asian Trading Company, went with a party to Yarkand, and afterwards made frequent journeys to Kashgar; in 1883 he had a free passport from the Chinese to enter Chinese Turkestan, went as Turkish interpreter with A. D. Carey in 1885 from Kashmir round Chinese Turkestan and along the frontier of Tibet. Was killed near the Karakorum, en route to Yarkand, by a Kakar Pathan in 1888. His map was specially acknowledged by the Geographical Society.” Beside trade he also worked as government agent. He had a Yarkandi wife. His murderer, the bankrupt merchant Daud Mohammad, who this way settled his debts, was arrested in 1890 and committed suicide in prison.

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Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.

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