GRAHAM, John Anderson

GRAHAM, John Anderson. De Beauvoir near London 8.9.1861 — Kalimpong 1942. Very Rev. British (Scottish) Missionary in Sikkim. Son of David Graham (from Dunbartonshire, d. 1867), a customs officer, and Bridget Nolan (from Ireland), the family moved soon to Scotland. The loss of father forced him to work at the age of 13, but soon he also began further education in Glasgow. From 1885 studies of Theology at Edinburgh. M.A. In 1889 ordained, married and left as missionary for Kalimpong. Worked long time with Lepchas, preaching, teaching and improving agriculture and economy. In 1895-98 in Scotland, then back, establishing orphanages, etc. Extended his scope to Anglo-Indians and from 1911 on to South India. Retired from missionary work in 1931. Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, but soon (1932) returned to Kalimpong. D.D. C.I.E. Married 1889 Katherine McConachie (d. 1919), four daughters and two sons.

Publications:Stray Thoughts on the Possibility of a Universal Religion and the Feasibility of Teaching It in Our Schools. 1887.

On the Threshold on Three Closed Lands; the Guild outpost in the Eastern Himalayas. 10+166 p. Edinburgh 1897.

The Missionary Expansion of the Reformed Churches. 15+246 p. Edinburgh 1898.

A few further works, also in Lepcha.

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