GRIGSON, Wilfrid Vernon

GRIGSON, Wilfrid Vernon. Pelynt, Cornwall 11.10.1896 — Vehari, Punjab 26.11.1948. Sir. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Canon William Shuckforth Gr. and Mary Beatrice Boldero. Esucated in Leatherhead, Surrey, and Oxford (Christ Church). Served in WW I and after was joined I.C.S. Served in Bastar, where he met Gonds. Finally Deputy Commissioner of Central Provinces and Berar. Retired in 1947 and became Commissioner for Refugees in the service of Pakistan. C,S.I. Knighted 1948. Died in an aircrash. Married Phyllis May Holt, five children.

Publications: The Maria Gonds of Bastar. 350 p. L. 1938 (i.e. Kui).

Sources: Nature 163, 1949, 13; Wikipedia;

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