GRINDLAY, Robert Melville

GRINDLAY, Robert Melville. St.Marylebone 1786 — 1877. British Colonial Officer and Artist in India, then Businessman in London. Son of a merchant. Arrived in 1803 (when 17) and served 1804-20 in Bombay Native Infantry. Retired as Captain and returned to England. In 1828 started an agency house, Leslie & Grindlay (the future Grindlays Bank), organizing travels to India and back and arranging banking operations. Retired from business in 1852.

Publications: “Sculptures in the Cave Temples of Ellora”, TrRAS 2, 1830, 326f., 487-490, 7 pl.

Scenery, costumes and architecture, chiefly on the western side of India. 36 colour pl. L. 1826-30.

A View of the Present State of the Question as to Steam Communication with India. 2nd ed. 99 p. L. 1837.

Sources: A.K. Chatterjee 2018 in

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