DAVIES, John. 18?? — 1890. Rev. British Indologist and Welsh Scholar (?). M.A. Cambridge. Rector of Walsoken, Norfolk in 1857-71, then retired. Married Mary Swindells.

Publications: The temporal augment in Sanskrit and Greek. 36 p. Hertford 1865.

Hindu Philosophy. The Sankhya Karika of Iśwara Krishna. An Exposition of the System of Kapila, with an Appendix on the Nyaya and Vaiśeshika Systems. 10+130 p. Trübner’s Or. Ser. L. 1881.

translated: The Bhagavad Gita, Or, The Sacred Lay: A Sanskrit Philosophical Poem. 6+208 p. L. 1882, 3rd ed. 231 p.L. 1893.

– “A Comparison of some Sanskrit and Celtic Words”, Y Cymrmrodor 6:1, 1884, 14-30.

Sources: stray notes and title pages of his publications.


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