GUIMET, Émile-Étienne

GUIMET, Émile-Étienne. Lyon 2.7.1836 — Fleurieu-sur-Saône 12.10.1918. French Industrialist, Traveller and Collectioner, the Founder of Musée Guimet. Son of Jean-Baptiste G., chemist and founder of the family industry, and Zélie (Rosalie) Bidault, a paintress and musician. In early years he concentrated on art and music, but in 1871 inherited the paternal firm, which he then led with success. He traveled in 1865-66 in Egypt (where he started collecting Oriental art) and 1876-77 round the world. The museum based on his collections he opened in 1879 in Lyon and moved it to Paris in 1888. Married 1868 Lucie Sanlaville, who died in three months, and 1877 her sister, with whom he had one son.

Publications: Huit jours aux Indes. 180 p. P. 1886.

Much on art of and travels in Africa and Asia.

Sources: *H. Beaumont, Les Aventures d’EG. Un industriel voyageur. P. 2014; *H. Cordier, TP 18, 1917-19, 380f.; D.O.L.F.; *T. de Morembert, D.B.F. 17, 1989, 283 Wikipedia with portrait (more details and photo in French version).

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