DEFOREST, Lockwood

DEFOREST, Lockwood. New York City 23.6.1850 — Santa Barbara, Cal. 3.4.1932. U.S. Artist interested in Indian and Tibetan Art. After studies in Rome he travelled in 1875-78 in Egypt, Syria and Greece. Resided in India in 1881-82. “He founded workshops for the revival of wood-carving at Ahmedabad in 1881, and exhibited his works by special request at the first Indian Exhibition in 1882.” In he 1901 visited Nepal. Married with Meta K. DeForest. His collection of Tibetan handicraft and Oriental art was deposited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Publications: Indian Domestic Architecture. Boston 1885; Indian Architecture and Ornament. Boston 1887.

Sources: U.S. in Asia; *Wikipedia.


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