DEECKE, Ernst Georg Wilhelm

DEECKE, Ernst Georg Wilhelm. Lübeck 1.4.1831 — Strassburg 2.1.1897. German Linguist, Founder of Etruscology. Son of Konrektor Ernst D. (1805–1862) and Christine Müller (1805–1838). Studies of Classical and Comparative IE Philology at Leipzig and Berlin (under Bopp et al.). Ph.D. 1870 Leipzig. Taught at schools in Lübeck (1855-70) and Elberfeld, then Konrector at Kais. Lyceum in Strassburg (1879-84) and in Buchsweiler. For a while jobless because of a collision with the Governor of Elsass, then from 1889 School-Director in Mülhausen (Mulhouse). Married 1861 Therese Struve (1844–1916), three children (geologist Wilhelm D.).

In his early years WD travelled much and published many writings, but scholarly work he started only with his rather late dissertation. He became known as the first to study Etruscan with (then) modern linguistics methods. Also interested in Germanistics, Cypriote inscriptions and Anatolian languages and in history of writing.

Publications: diss. De reduplicatio linguae latina praeterito. Lp. 1870.

– “Ueber das indische Alphabet in seinem Zusammenhange mit den übrigen südsemitischen Alphabeten”, ZDMG 31, 1877, 598-612; “Ueber den Ursprung der altpersischen Keilschrift”, ZDMG 32, 1878, 271-289.

Die Etrusker. 1-2. 1877 and new editions; Etruskische Forschungen. 1-6. 1875-84.

Stele von Lemnos. 1886; Die Falisker. 1888; etc.

Sources: *Th. Deecke, Lebenserinnerungen für meine Kinder und Enkel (MS., parts publ. in Der Wagen 1961; Kronasser, N.D.B. 3, 1957, 554f.; *C. Pauli, BB 25, 1899, 296-311, with bibliog­raphy; German Wikipedia with photo.


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