HARRIS, William Henry

HARRIS, William Henry. Wann, Oklahoma 28.6.1922 — 28.10.1966. U.S. Scholar of Religion and Philosophy. Studies at Bethany Nazarene College (B.A.), then Catholic theology and philosophy at Boston University (B.Theol., Ph.D.). In 1948-56 taught at University of Arkansas. In 1953-54 studied as Fulbright Scholar at Madras University under T. M. P. Mahadevan. From 1956 Associate Professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University (until death). In 1962-63 again as Fulbright Scholar in India. Died after a brain surgery.

Publications: ??.

Sources: Short obituary in Annual Report of the Board of Trustees, Southern Ill. Univ. 1966-67, 65; stray notes.

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