HILL, William Charles Osman

HILL, William Charles Osman. 13.7.1901 — 25.1.1975. British Anatomist, Primatologist and Physical Anthropologist. Son of James Osman Hill and Fanny Martin. Educated in Birmingham, studies at Birmingham University (M.D. 1925). From 1925 Lecturer in Zoology at Birmingham, in 1930-45 Professor of Anatomy at the Ceylon Medical College. In 1945-50 Reader in Anthropology at Edinburgh, then Prosector for the Zoological Society of London until 1962. In 1962-69 Assistant Director of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center (YNPRC) in Atlanta, Georgia. In retirement divided his time between home in Folkestone and University of Turin, Italy. Married 1947 Yvonne Stranger (d. 1976), a barrister, who then participated in his work.

In Sri Lanka he continued his science studies and found a number of new species of mammals, birds and reptiles, but also conducted anthropological studies on Veddas.

Publications: Numerous zoological and anatomical studies.

– “Nittaewo – An unsolved problem of Ceylon”, Loris: A Journal of Ceylon Wildlife 4:1, 1945, 251-262 (a Vedda story).

Sources: Wikipedia with photo.

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