HOWORTH, Henry Hoyle

HOWORTH, Henry Hoyle. Lisbon 1.7.1842 — London 15.7.1923. Sir. British Barrister, Conservative Politician and amateur Historian and Geologist. Son of Henry H., a British merchant residing in Portugal, educated in England. Called to the bar 1867, practised as lawyer. From 1886 conservative M.P., retired 1900. K.C.I.E. 1892. Married 1869 Katherine Bierley, three sons. As a historian he was untrained amateur, who often raised heated opposition. In geology he was neo-diluvialist and attacked the ice age theory.

Publications: Books on Mongolian history, on geology and prehistory, on church history, etc.

– “The Initial Coinage of Parthia”, NC 3:10, 1890, 33-41; “The History and Coinage of Artaxerxes III., his Satraps and Dependants”, NC 4:3, 1903, 1-46; “Some Notes on Coins attributed to Parthia”, NC 4:5, 1905, 209-246 & 4:7, 1907, 125-144; other articles.

Sources: *C.O. NC 5:3, 1923, 376-378; Wikipedia with caricature.

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