HOWELL, William

HOWELL, William. Madras (?) 1.11.1790 (1789?) — Madras c. 1867. Rev. Missionary. Son of the elder W. H. (d. 1803), a soldier who had arrived in India in 1789, and his wife (died perhaps in 1793). Educated in Madras. When 14 apprenticed as Assistant Surveyor in Madras Survey under Major Mackenzie, conducted surveys in the South and in 1818 followed Mackenzie to Calcutta, but unhappy with his low position resigned soon and returned to Madras. From 1821 working for London Missionary Society from 1821. First in Bellary as superintendent of native schools, in 1822 started mission in Cuddapah. Ordained priest 1824. In 1842 left the mission and joined the Church of England  working as priest in Madras until his retirement in 1856. He spoke Tamil, Telugu, Kannaḍa and Hindi. Around 1814 married Georgiana Elizabeth Thorpe (d. 1850), children, and 1855 Frances Slaney.

Publications: Compendium of the Andhra Vyakurnum, or a Catechism of Teloogoo Grammar. Bellary 1834.

Translated religious books and parts of the Bible in Telugu.

Sources: Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle 10, 1832, 167; B.H. Badley, Indian Missionary Directory. Lucknow 1881, 40 (birth date); Sh. West in;

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