HOUGH, William

HOUGH, William. 1789 — 1865. British Colonial Officer in India. Came there in 1805, participated in Nepal War (1814-16), Third Maratha War (1817-18) and First Afghan War (1839-42), and was an authority on military law. Major (1838/45) and Deputy Judge Advocat General of Bengal Army, retired before 1853.

Publications: A Narrative of the March and Operations of the Army of the Indus, in the Expedition to Afghanistan in the years 1838-1839. 40+443+95 p. L. 1841.

A brief history of the Bhopal Principality in Central India, from the period of its foundation, about one hundred and fifty years ago, to the present time. 11+135 p. Calcutta 1845.

Political and military events in British India, from the years 1756 to 1849. 1-2. L. 1853.

India as it ought to be. 196 p. L. 1853.

Also wrote on military law.

Sources: *P. Stanley, White Mutiny: British Military Culture in India, 1825-1875. 1998, 38 note a quoted in an advertisement of the Bhopal book by abebooks.com; many references to books, but hardly anything else found in Internet.

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