JACKSON, Robert Pilkington

JACKSON, Robert Pilkington. 1868 — 1914. British Colonial Officer in India. Major. Son of George and Ann J. Served in South India and Burma 1888-1908.

Publications: Historical Records of the XIIIth Madras Infantry. 319 p. 1898.

The Dominions, Emblems, and Coins of the South Indian Dynasties. 102 p. L. 1913.

– “Muhammad Ali, Nawab of the Carnatic (1752-1795 A.D.) and his Copper Coins”, NC 4:10, 1910, 146-157; “The Coinage of Balapur”, Ibid. 158-162.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet (books, personal information only found in discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk).

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