JACOLLIOT, Louis. Charolles (Saône-et-Loire) 31.10.1837 — Saint-Thibaut-des-Vignes (Seine-et-Maine) 30.10.1890. French Colonial Lawyer and Enthusiast of Indian Thought. Advocate, in 1865-69 judge in Tahiti and India (Chandernagar). He claimed that the Bible and Christianity originated in India and that missionaries and Indologists had concealed this “fact”. Christ he simply derived from Kṛṣṇa and claimed that Iezeus is Sanskrit term meaning ‘pure essence’. To support his ideas he also presented a non-existing Sanskrit text called Agrouchada-Parikchai. He “translated” specimens from a supposed original version of Manu, elsewhere dated by him in 13,300 BCE, supposedly preserved in South India; these were then used by Nietzsche.

Publications: La Bible dans l’Inde, vie de Iezeus Christna. 1869, English transl. N.Y. 1868; Christna et le Christ. 380 p. P. 1874.

Le Spiritisme dans le monde, L’initiation et les sciences occultes dans l’Inde et chez tous les peuples de l’antiquité. 373 p. P. 1875, English transl. N.Y. 1884.

Les législateurs religieux, Manou, Moïse, Mahomet. P. 1876; L’Olympe brahmanique: la mythologie de Manou. 368 p. P. 1881.

La femme dans l’Inde; La femme aux temps védiques, aux temps brahmaniques, et dans l’Inde de la décadence. 348 p. P. 1877.

Numerous further similar works, travel books, literary works, etc.

Sources: *Cr. Grottanelli, “Le funzioni, le caste e i fuori-casta: Gobineau, Nietzsche, Jacolliot”, Cultura Tedesca 22, 2003, 83-117; A. Etter, “Die angeblichen Manu-Zitate bei Nietzsche und deren Quelle”, XXIII. Deutschen Orientalistentag, Ausgewählte Vorträge. St. 1989, 341-348; Wikipedia with several further references.

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