JANVIER, Levi. Pittsgrove (or Daretown), NJ 25.4.1816 — Anandpore (or Sabathu) 25.3.1864. Rev. U.S. Presbyterian Missionary in the Pañjāb. Son of Rev. George Washington J. and Margaret Fries. Graduated 1835 from Princeton and worked as teacher. Ordained priest. D.D. Sent to India in 1841. Worked in Fatehpur, Ludhiana, Ambala and Sabathu. Killed by an offended devotee at a Hindu Mela (but several sources claim that he was a Sikh). Married Mary Rodney Parvin, three sons and two daughters. Grandfather of —> Ernest P. Janvier.

Publications: Idiomatic Sentences in English and Punjabi. Lodiana 1846.

Completed and edited J. Newton’s Dictionary of the Panjabi Language, prepared by a Committee of the Lodiana Mission. 444 p. Lodiana 1854.

Translated parts of the Bible into Pañjābī.

Sources: D. Shavit, United States in Asia. 1990, 266; www.history.pcusa.org/collections/research-tools/guides-archival-collections/rg-190; ancestry.com; www.biblicalcyclopedia.com/J/janvier-levi-dd.html; photo in logcollegepress-annex.com.

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