JARRETT, Henry Sullivan

JARRETT, Henry Sullivan. Madras 17.6.1839 — East Grinstead, Sussex 15.4.1919. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Thomas J. and Eliza Julia Chambers. In India 1870-94. Colonel. C.I.E. 1895. Married 1874 Agnes Delacour Beaufort, six sons.

Publications: Edited in Urdū: Muntakhab-i Musnawiyāt-i Saudā. Calcutta 1875; in Persian: Anwar-i-Suhayli; or, The lights of Canopus. 630 p. n.pl. 1880; Diwan-i Hafiz. 14+232 p. Calcutta 1881.

– “Note on Inscription found from Kashmir”, ProcASB 1880, 54-; “Note of an Inscription of an Ancient Mosque in Koh Inám, Zillah Allahabad”, ProcASB 1880, 72-; “Note on an Inscription found on a stone lying near the ruins of a Masjid on Lanka Island, Wular Lake, Kashmir”, JASB 49:1, 1880, 16-20.

Translated: History of the Caliphs, by Jalál’uddín a’s Suyúti. 23+562 p. Calcutta 1881 (from Arabic); completed H. Blochmann’s The Aini Akbari by Abu’l Fazl Allami. 2-3. Bibl. Ind. Calcutta 1891-94 (from Persian); further works, also translations from European languages.

Sources: data.bnf.fr; ancestry.com.

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