DILLMANN, Christian Friedrich August

DILLMANN, Christian Friedrich August. Illingen bei Maulbronn 25.4.1823 — Berlin 4.7.1894. German Semitic Scholar, famous Pioneer of Ethiopian Studies. Professor in Berlin. Studied theology and philology at Tübingen, mainly under Ewald, but also Roth and Schleicher. Ph.D. 1846. Ordained priest. Further studies 1847-48 in Paris, London and Oxford, now specializing in Ge‘ez. Back in Tübingen he taught as episcopal repetent and from 1853 as ao. Professor. From 1854 ao. and 1859 ord. Professor of Oriental Languages at Kiel, in 1864-69 Professor of Theology at Giessen and from 1869 at Berlin University. Hon. Dr. Theol. 1862 Leipzig.

AD was the real founder (after the early pioneer work of Hiob Ludolf in the 17th century) of Ethiopian philology in Europe and still well remembered in Semitics, where some of his handbooks are still used. In addition to this he was mainly a Hebrew scholar, but he also knew Sanskrit and taught it at Kiel University during his time there.

Publications: Grammatik der äthiopischen Sprache. 1857; Lexicon linguae Aethiopicae. 1865; Äthiopische Chrestomathie. 1866; Ethiopian (Ge‘ez) text editions.

further publications on Hebrew and Semitics, also on theology, apparently nothing on Sanskrit.

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