DILLON, Emile Joseph

DILLON, Emile Joseph [in French also used E. de Dillon]. Dublin 21.3.1855 — Barcelona 9.6.1933. British Linguist and Journalist. Son of Irish father and English mother. Originally trained for priesthood, left when 21 and began studies of Oriental languages in Paris. Ph.D. Leipzig, then also Louvain – in Oriental philology – and at Harkiv in comparative linguistics. In 1887-1914 Russian correspondent of the Daily Telegraph (thus Wikipedia, but he seems to have travelled much in this period), for a short time also taught Sanskrit, Armenian and Comparative Philology at Harkiv University. As journalist he reported of the Turkish massacre of Armenians (1894-95), the Dreyfus trial, the Boxer Rebellion and the Versailles peace conference. His last years lived in Barcelona. Married 1881 Elena Maksimovna Bogačova, four sons, divorce 1913, and 1914 Kathleen Ireland.

Publications: “L’Alphabet de la langue bactriane”, Actes de la Société philologique N.S. 9, 1879, 89-136 (on Avesta?).

– “As final devant les sonores en sanscrit”, Le Muséon 5, 1886, 163ff.; “Iça-Upanishad”, ibid. 170ff. (French translation).

books on Old Testament studies, Russian literature, politics, etc.

Sources: *J. Baylen, Oxford D.N.B.; Wikipedia.


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