JOINVILLE, Joseph de

JOINVILLE, Joseph Endelin de (rarely as de Jonville). 17?? — 18??. French Naturalist. Came to Ceylon in 1798 with Governor North, worked as surveyor, left the island in 1805 and disappears. A linguist, cartographer, botanist and artist. One Joseph de Joinville lived in 1753–1821, but no details about him are available.

Publications: “On the Religion and Manners of the People of Ceylon”, As.Res. 7, 1801, 8° repr. 1803, 396-443.

Ed. by R. Raven-Hart; Travels in Ceylon in 1700–1800 by Wintergerst (1712), Ives (1773), Guyard (1763), Falck (1767), de Jonville (1800). Colombo 1963.

Sources: E.J. Harris, Theravāda Buddhism and the British Encounter. L. 2006, 20; D.S. Lopez Jr., Strange Tales of an Oriental Idol: An Anthology of Early European Portrayals of the Buddha. Chicago 2016, 175

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