JOSA, F. P. Luigi

JOSA, Fortunato Pietro Luigi. Rome 5.6.1851 — Port Isaac, Cornwall 19.12.1922. Italian Missionary in the U.K. and South America. Son of Filippo and Agnese Josa. Raised as Catholic, but took Protestant faith, probably in England. Graduated 1871 from St. Augustine’s. College, Canterbury. Ordained deacon 1874 and priest 1875 in Guyana. In 1876-84 missionary among workers in Nonpareil, apparently learned Hindī from them. Then Vicar and Archdeacon of Demarara in Guyana. In retirement settled in England, naturalised in 1916. In 1917-22 Rector of St Endellion, Cornwall. Married 1915 Beatrice Mary Lamb, one son.

Publications: Introductory Manual of the Hindi Language, with Extracts from the Premsâgar, together with the technical Vocabularies. 120 p. London 1907.

The Apostle of the Indians of Guiana; A Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Rev. W. H. Brett. 228 p. 2018.

Translated a manual of common prayers into Hindī. 1881.

Sources: M. Yelton, Outposts of the Faith: Anglo-Catholicism in Some Rural Parishes. L. 2009, 77; Wikitree; photo in National Portrait Gallery homepage.

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