KALMER, Josef (born Joseph Kalmus)

KALMER, Josef (born Joseph Kalmus) Nehrybka, Galicia (now in Poland) 17.8.1898 — Vienna 9.7.1959. Austrian Poet. Born in a Jewish family. School in Czernowitz (Černivci) and Vienna, served a voluntary in WW I. After war studied law and Chinese, without degree, and began his literary career, also worked as journalist. After brief imprisonment by Gestapo escaped in 1938 to Czechoslovakia and 1939 to the U.K. Worked for Ministry of Education until 1951, then returned to Austria. Married Erica Ehrenfest. He was a polyglot, beside Chinese he knew Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi and numerous other languages.
Publications: Dschainendr Kumar, Tyagapatra oder Die Entsagung. Aus dem Hindi übers. von J. Kalmer. 75 p. München 1956.
– Other translations from European languages and Chinese, own poetry.
Sources: R.D. Findeisen, “‘I am a Sinologist and an Expert…’ — The Translator Joseph Kalmer as a Propagator of New Literature”, SOS 10, 3011, 389-412; Wikipedia (more in German version).

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