KAMENSKY, Anna (Anna Alekseevna Kamenskaja)

KAMENSKY, Anna (Anna Alekseevna Kamenskaja). Pavlovsk near St. Petersburg 25.8.1867 — 23.6.1952. Russian Theosophist, emigrated to Switzerland. Born in Russia in a noble family, lost early her father and grew up in southern Germany and from 1875-82 in Geneva, Switzerland. Back in Russia studies at Higher Women College in St.Petersburg, after graduating French teacher in a gymnasium. From 1902 active as Theosophist. In 1916-17 in Adyar, now studied Sanskrit and concentrated on the Gītā. In 1921 escaped arrest to Finland and soon settled in Geneva. Now organized Theosophical activity among emigrants in many countries. Ph.D. 1926 Geneva. Taught 23 years as PD comparative religion at Geneva, later also aesthetics, both until 1950.

Publications: Diss. Le Bhagavad-Gītā, son rôle dans le mouvement religieux de l’Inde et son unité. 118 p. Geneva 1926.

Transl. from sanskrit: Śrī-Bhagavad-Gītā = La Bhagavad-Gîtâ: le chant du Seigneur. 230 p. P. 1925; Bhagavad-Gita: piesnja gospodnja. 182 p. P. 1925.

Theosophical books and articles.

Sources: Diss. in Janert; N. Reinke in www.theosophy.ru/kamensky.htm with photo (slightly rev. translation from Russian original of 1955); J.-F. Mayer, Les nouvelles voies spirituelles: enquête sur la religiosité parallèle en Suisse. Lausanne 1993, 107f.; Theosophy Wiki with photo.

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