KAY, William

KAY, William. Pickering, North Yorkshire 8.4.1820 — 16.1.1886. Rev. British Teacher in India. Son of Thomas and Ann Kay, educated in Giggleswigg. Studies at Lincoln College, Oxford, graduated 1839. Fellow of his college 1840, Tutor and M.A. 1842. Ordained as priest 1843. B.D. 1849. From 1849 Principal of Bishop’s College in Calcutta, until 1864, when returned to Oxford. In 1866 the college gave him the rectory of Great Leighs, Essex, where he spent the rest of his life, concentrating on Biblical studies (where he was rather conservative) and his parish. D.D. 1855 Oxford. Unmarried.

Publications: Biblical writings and commentaries.

– “On the Connection of Dative and Accusative in Bengali and Hindustáni”, JASB 21, 1852, 105-109.

Sources: W.A.G[reenhill], D.N.B. 30, 250; Wikipedia.

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