KEEGAN, William

KEEGAN, William. 18?? — Delhi 1.5.1885. Rev. Father. Catholic Missionary in India. In India as early as 1841. From 1859 to death parish priest of St. Mary’s church in Delhi (Agra Diocese). D.D.

Publications: Grammatica linguae Indostanae ad usum missionariorum. 87 p. Sardhana 1883; A Vocabulary in Urdu, Latin, and English. Sardhana 1882.

Sirdhana. 33 p. 1879, 6th ed. 6+78 p. as Sardhana and its Begum.  Agra 1932.

Sources: Short note (with death) in JASB 10, 1914, 73; stray notes in Internet.

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