KEENE, Henry George (son)

KEENE, Henry George. Haileybury, Hertfordshire 1826 — Westward Ho, Devon 26.3.1915. British Civil Servant and Historian in India. Son of the elder —> H. G. K. and Anne Wainwright, educated at Rugby, Oxford (Wadham College) and Haileybury. In 1847 entered I.C.S., served in N.W. Provinces and retired in 1882. Fellow of Calcutta University. C.I.E. 1882. Twice married, five daughters and four sons.

Publications: The Moghul Empire from the death of Aurungzeb. 15+278 p. L. 1867, rev. 2nd ed. as Fall of the Moghul Empire. 15+308 p. L. 1876.

A sketch of the history of Hindustán from the first Muslim conquest to the fall of the Mughol empire. 35+476 p. L. 1885.

The Turks in India: critical chapters on the administration of that country by the Chughtai, Bábar, and his descendants. 16+255 p. L. 1879.

British Administration During the Revolt of 1857. 1883; Mádhava Ráo Scindia and the Hindú reconquest of India. 207 p. Oxford 1891.

Handbook for visitors to Agra and its neighbourhood. 6+163 p. Calcutta 1888.

History of India from the earliest times to the XXth century. 1-2. L. 1893, rev. ed. Edinburgh 1906.

Edited Th. W. Beale’s Oriental Biographical Dictionary. 8+431 p. L. 1894, contributed articles to the D.N.B. and Chambers’ Encyclopaedia.

Hindustan Under Free Lances, 1770-1820: Sketches of Military Adventure in Hindustan. 32+238 p. L. 1907 (originally articles in the Calcutta Review).

Sindhia otherwise called Madhoji Patel. 207 p. Oxford 1911.

A Servant of John Company, being the recollections of an Indian official. 18+337 p. L. 1897 (memoirs); Here and There: Memories, Indian and Other. 16+215 p. L. 1906.

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