DODWELL, Henry Herbert

DODWELL, Henry Herbert. 1879 — Chertsey, Surrey 13.6.1946. British Historian. Educated in Thame, studies at St.John’s (Oxford), graduated 1908 and joined Indian Educational Service, retired 1922. In 1922-46 Professor of History and Culture of the British Dominions in Asia at S.O.A.S. Married 1908 Lily May Mason, four children.

Publications: Dupleix and Clive. 19+277 p. L. 1920.

A Sketch of the History of India from 1858 to 1918. 8+326 p. L. 1925.

The Nabobs of Madras. 10+263 p. L. 1926.

Ed. Warren Hastings’ Letters to Sir John Macpherson. 218 p. L. 1927.

Ed. Cambridge History of India. 5. British India 1497–1858. 22+683 p. Cambridge 1929, and 6. The Indian Empire, 1858–1918. 24+660 p. Cambridge 1930.

Calendar of the Madras Despatches, 1754–1765. 468 p. Madras 1930.

The Founder of Modern Egypt: a Study of Muhammed Ali. 276 p. Cambridge 1931.

Ed. The Cambridge Shorter History of India. 21+970 p. Cambridge 1934 (written by J. Allan, W. Haig and himself).

India. 1-2. Modern States Series 9-10. L. 1936.

Sources: Wikipedia only briefly, no further sources found, except about his books.

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