DOWSON, John. Uxbridge 1820 — 23.8.1881. British Indologist. Professor in Sandhurst. In the age of 16 came to London to assist his uncle —> Edwin Norris, the secretary of R.A.S. He became soon interested in Oriental languages. He was a self-made scholar, but very able. Tutor at Haileybury. In 1855 (unpaid) Professor of Hindustani at University College in London, but still in the same year obtained a chair at Staff College in Sandhurst, where he taught until 1877.

Publications: “On the Chera Kingdom of Ancient India”, JRAS 8, 1846, 1-29.

Grammar of Urdu or Hindustani Language. 1862.

translated: Ikhwan-us-Safa. 1869; The Arabic Philosophical Cyclopædia. 18??.

edited —> H. M. Elliot’s The History of India, as told by its own Historians. Vols. 2-9. 1867-77.

Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion. 430 p. 1879, many editions.

– “Indian Inscriptions”, Enc. Brit. 9, 188?; “Translation of three Copper Plate Inscriptions of the 4th century and Notices of the Châlukya and Gurjjara Dynasties”, JRAS 1, 1865, 247-286; articles on Kharoṣṭhī epigraphy, “On a newly discovered Bactrian Pali Inscription”, JRAS 20, 1863, 221-268; “Translation of a B. P. I.”, JRAS 4, 1870, 497-502; “Ancient Inscriptions from Mathura”, JRAS 5, 1871, 182-193; “Notes on a B. P. I. and the Samvat Era”, JRAS 7, 1875, 376-383; “Further Note on…”, JRAS 9, 1877, 144-146.

– “The Invention of Indian Alphabet”, JRAS 13, 1881, 102-119.

a number of articles on India in Saturday Review, etc.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; S. Lane-Poole, D.N.B. 15, 1888; *K. Prior, Oxford D.N.B. 2004; JRAS 14, 1882, Proc. xivf.


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