DROUIN, Édmond

DROUIN, Édmond. Paris (?) 1838 — Paris 28.1.1904. French Numismatician. Studied law in Paris from 1855, became a lawyer and worked in Paris. He spent his leisure in study of languages, numismatics, and archaeology, from c. 1882 concentrating on Oriental numismatics. His work on nimbus in Indo-Greek coins and his reconstructions of various dynasties are specially mentioned.

Publications: Wrote a comparative dictionary of Western and Semitic languages (1866 – not his best work, says the biographer), a study of English (1873), a German grammar (1878) and a study of Old French declension (1878).

a great number of numismatic articles in JA, RN, Le Muséon, Bull. de numism., also on Indian epigraphy

Sources: R. D’Amat, D.B.F. 11, 1967, 819f.; JRAS 1904, 529-532 (from *Revue num. 1904:1); 4 lines in TP N.S. 5, 1904.


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