DRUMMOND, John Graham

DRUMMOND, John Graham. 28.10.1884 — 1958. British Civil Servant in India. Son of James Dr. and Williamina Graham. Studies at Christ’s College, Cambridge (B.A. 1906). In 1906-36 in I.C.S. in Bengal, then Lecturer in Bengali at Christ’s College, Cambridge. Ph.D. there 1938/39. Married 1912 Clarina Hogarth, no children.

Publications: Translated: Tagore: The Wreck. L. 1921 (Naukadubi).

Panchayats in India. 60 p. L. 1937.

Diss. The Working of the Bengal Legislative Council under the Government of India Act, 1919. Manuscript 1938/39.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet; not in the Who Was Who.

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