DUNCKER, Maximilian Wolfgang

DUNCKER, Max(imilian) Wolfgang. Berlin 15.12.1811 — Ansbach 21.7.1886. German Historian and Politician. Studies at Berlin under Hegel et al. PD 1839 and ao. Professor 1842 at Halle. In 1857-59 Professor of History at Tübingen, then in government service in Berlin, in 1867-74 Director of Prussian State Archives, then retired.

Publications: “Über die Zeit der Abfassung der Avesta”, MbBeAW 1876, 517-527.

Geschichte des Altertums. New ed. 1-9. Lp. 1878-86 (now including India, which was not the case in the earlier ed. 1-4. B. 1855-57).

several works on Greek and especially on German history.

Sources: *H. von Petersdorff, A.D.B. 48, 1904, 171-199; *J. Schulze, N.D.B. 4, 1959, 195; Wikipedia with portrait (more in German version).


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